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Suggestion: Animated set of storm images

  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    I was thinking (this is a dangerous activity, I try to avoid it most of the time) its great that you can see all the images of a storm that a single image is posted from after the fact on the boards. But it would be really cool if this could be converted to an animated 'storm movie' where you could see and comment upon the evolution of the storm more easily. There are many examples in meteorological sites of such animations. The image in question could be highlighted and it might help folks in giving feedback. Now, of course, I have no idea whether the tools and resources are available to make this happen, but it seems a way to increase interactivity and might yield interesting insights on how storms have evolved?


  • Knappster by Knappster scientist

    For what it's worth:
    The following has just that - animations of the files:
    However, the person that put the animations together knows very little about codecs, etc so it may take some doing for the animations to work (for instance, Firefox tries to open with Quicktime and that doesn't work so I have to download to my computer then open with Windows Media Player).

    If you get it to work, they look OK (no colorization), but YMMV (your mileage may vary).


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    I wish you a good saturday petherthorne.
    I find your idea great, so I have worked out an strategy to solve the problem, but I won't can guarantee the success of this project. 😃


    Software (Freeware):

    • IrfanView
    • Microsoft Gif Animator

    1. Download and install the software components

    2. Next open a data set ('View Storm Page') from a storm (for example 'Kamisy 1984) and choose the images, you want to have animated.

    3. Click on every single picture with a right click and save the image on your desktop or in a folder of your computer.

    4. Click on the saved image with a right click and open it with the software 'IrfanView'.

    5. After the image is opened, you must convert every single image into the *.gif format (File -> Save as).

    6. After the conversion, open the 'Microsoft Gif Animator', click on the 'Folder icon' (1) and choose your first image.
      With the '+-Icon' (2) you can add more images into the software.
      With 'drag and drop' you can modify the order/sequence of the animation (3).
      Click on the first image on the top and then on the 'Animation-Tab' on the right side (4). Here the option 'Looping' and 'Repeat Forever' must be activated.
      Now click on the 'Image-Tab' (5).

    8 ) If you have choosen the first image (1), you can set up the 'Duration' (between 50 and 100) of every image of the sequence. (2)
    If you set up all the images with the right 'Duration', you can check the result with the 'Preview-Icon' (3).
    At last, you can save the *.gif-Animation with the 'Save-Icon' (4) on your computer and upload the image to use it here on the board.

    If you have a question, you can ask me, of course all the time.
    Maybe I will create a download for this documentation in the next time. 😉



  • chaser1 by chaser1

    I agree with Peterthorne, that an animation or satellite loop would certainly aid the overall accuracy of the viewer for determining cyclone center of circulation. However, I assume the nature and purpose of cyclone classification here on this site, is to determine specific "point in time" classification of the particular cyclone in question. I would then imagine each "citizen scientist" would need to view both, a short satellite loop of the cyclone, and "then the still frame" in which analysis & classification is being requested.

    Given my lessor knowledge of computer programming, codecs, or even creating GIF's...., the balance of response to Peterthorne's original post was lost on me. I am not sure if the animation/software suggestion & discussion being offered, was for citizen scientists to "create" their own animations (if so desired), or if perhaps that aspect of this discussion was less intended for general site users, and simply a discussion among the site's moderators in attempting to create such a tool for users to have available for them.


  • rtanida27 by rtanida27

    I agree with petethorne too, but I'm scared if cyclone.


  • L.H.C by L.H.C

    There needs to be a wider view seeing all the surrounding pressure systems and also isobars would be helpful.