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    i want to classifylive storms not old ones come on please u want help or not?


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    It is possible to do this (at least storms that are a few hours old instead of a few years). But honestly I do not think that it will happen in the near future. Is this a feature that would lead you to perhaps classify more older storms (if you could do the live ones)? Thanks for your feedback.


  • Casna51 by Casna51

    When you join a science research project it's with the understanding that you'll be working in the areas that the researchers are studying. If you worked in this program you'd gain some knowledge that would help you learn about live storms. See if you can find some tropical storm sections in weather forecast pages or or do your own research on line. Look at satellite and radar pictures. I was the opposite of you. I became interested in live storms after working with the old ones. Casna51