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very dismal science

  • Tin_foil_hat by Tin_foil_hat

    I copied this from your Q&A section:

    Q: I am not sure, which type of storm (embedded-center, shear-storm, curved-band etc.) should I choose?
    A: In the classification in CycloneCenter, there are many cases, where it could be very difficult to classify a storm-type cleary.
    You should follow your feelings for each image.....

    Feelings...? sounds less like an attempt to adress the classification of storms from a scientifc point of view than a ghost Jedi knight's advise to a young Jedi-in-training in the heat of a battle

    • Luke, trust your feelings!

    Where's the science? where are the trained meteorologists on this one? is this so simple a job we don't need them? if so, get a programmer to write up software to do the job so it can be performed basaed on hard facts, without the "feelings" of amateur humans.


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Hello tin foil hat and welcome to CycloneCenter.

    In some cases it is really difficult to determine a storm type clearly , because in some images we can find many features of storm features, like curved-band and embedded-center in the same picture.

    Here everybody have to make his own decision, which element or feature of a picture is the most dominant one.

    So the CycloneCenter Projectteam gets many different results of a storm-image and can do a consensus of all these opinions.

    This is a really good method to find the right storm-type, which can not do a software.

    But other cases are clearly enough to determine on the right way, because the FAQ, the TalkBoard and the descriptions and storm-examples in the storm-classification are very helpfull tools.

    Feel free to ask here on the TalkBoard in cases, which are difficult.


  • Casna51 by Casna51

    Maybe 'feelings' wasn't the best word here. We are 'observing' storms only in this case their images rather than their occurrence in real time. Observers make various conclusions depending on their knowledge and perspective. Mariners make decisions and observations with
    regard to weather without being meteorologists as well as using professional forecasts,eg. Casna51