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  • shocko61 by shocko61

    can anyone please tell me how to take more than one image from Cyclone Center Servey to discuss as I get quite a few images where I would like to discuss more than one image from the same storm but do not know how to move more than one image at a time . Ian shocko61


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    I wish you a relaxed Tuesday shocko61.

    I use always two options in my posts to include pictures in a topic.:

    1. You can use this syntax/code (without the space between "!" and "[]" and between "[]" and "( " ) in your post to include "one" picture:

    ! [ ] (URL "Title of the picture")

    Example: ! [ ] ( "Cyclone-Center")

    Make sure, that the picture was uploaded on the internet.

    1. If you would like to make animated pictures to analyze wind routes or something else, you can use this manual:

    I hope I could help you. Feel free to ask a question about such things. : )


  • shocko61 by shocko61

    Hi Struck , Thank you very much ,I will try this when I need it . Have a nice day .Ian shocko61