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Windspeed and pressure

  • shocko61 by shocko61

    The wind and pressure stats have only changed once this session is this normal or should they change more often or are we ,us and co ' doing storms from start to finish . Just interested in what should happen with the new set up ,which is a good improvement . It makes me think about every move I make . A little slower at this stage but I am sure that will improve with time and practice . Ian shocko61


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Hi shocko61,

    with the new improvement of CycloneCenter, the wind-speed and the air-pressure graphics will change after the classification of a storm-picture.

    These stats are based on your and our answers and on your options, you did choose (category -> example picture -> storm-center or size of an eye, band colour/eye-wall colour, etc.).

    But you are right, with the new system, you are more careful and thoughtful in the classifications. ; - )