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Main Band?

  • Otterpaw by Otterpaw

    Still learing the main band part of the study.
    I went with the yellow and the second choice for how far around.
    Can I get some discussion on this to fine tune my readings?


  • sestevens by sestevens scientist

    Banding can be tricky, because it depends a lot on how you see the storm as a whole. Sometimes it's nice and obvious where the main part of the storm is and where the bands are. In this particular case, the storm is pretty disorganized, but I would have called it a curved band with the main band being the part to the east of the peninsula there. I'd agree that the yellow is the main color, since it reaches much farther than the light blue does.

    Others may want to chime in?


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    I would similarly go curved-band, yellow and I would put the first or second banding choice. The center is probably just off the Yucatan coast between the coast and the small island (for a Geography prof my Mexican place names skills leave a lot to be desired ...).