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  • kellz171 by kellz171

    Hey so in analyzing this storm what are the main features evident in this picture? any help would be appreciated


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator in response to kellz171's comment.

    Hello kellz171,

    welcome to the offical 'Cyclone Center Talk board'. 😉

    Your storm picture shows us a great #eye storm picture.

    By focusing on a storm, I try to find out the wind routes, the wind directions and possible (anti-) clockwise rotations, which could stand for an #eye-storm.
    So on the following picture, you can see my try to analyze some of the the wind routes:

    enter image description here

    These wind routes show us, that this storm has an anti-clockwise rotation around his center.

    The main-elements of an #eye storm should be:

    • The storm center is warmer than the surrounding area
    • Around the storm center, there should be an 'eye-wall'. You can see the 'eye-wall' on the blue colour here in your picture, which surrounds the storm center.
    • An 'eye-storm' has a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation

    These main aspects for an eye-storm are fulfilled in your storm-picture.
    The size of the storm-center, the big and cold eye-wall and the huge size of the structure of the storm show us a heavy storm, too, with high wind-speeds.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 😉


  • kellz171 by kellz171 in response to Struck's comment.

    Hey Struck,

    Thank you for the response, I found it very helpful. I may have a few other questions for you in the future, but this will do for now. Thank you very much