Cyclone Center Talk


  • jaqueja by jaqueja

    Embedded eye.


  • fezzik by fezzik

    I think an #eye is usually warmer than the other clouds. It could be an #embedded-center. Does it develop an #eye later?


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Very good morning jaqueja and Feezik. 😉 I would take #embedded-center, because of the cold circle center and the light blue circular formation.

    On the 'View Storm Page' this storm does not evolve an #eye.
    On this picture the #embedded-center could be the main storm, after this shot we can find only #post-tropical in the collection.

    Storm Page


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    I would agree that this looks like an #embedded-center, and not a very strong storm at that.