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Eye storm with no blue clouds

  • tpatch by tpatch

    This storm has an eye of warmer cloud but also (as I understand it) has shear features in that the gray swirl is centered on the storm. I'm a newbie so this may not be the best description. I have analyzed 3 storms that have these features. I see no blue, or cold clouds. Just that the eye is warmer than the surrounding cloud. Is this truly an eye storm? Do I need blue clouds in the centre for this to be a true storm? Some opinions appreciated.


  • jjrennie by jjrennie moderator

    Not all storms have to have colder tops (blue colors). Weaker storms tend to have warmer centers (reds, oranges, yellows), and the same can be said for systems with an eye. I would consider this a classic weak #eye-storm


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Welcome to Cyclone Center tpatch. ; - )

    I agree with the statement of jjrennie and with your first feeling of this storm.
    Here I would like to tend to an #eye-storm.

    The first point is, you said it, the grey circle in the center of the image.
    Around this grey circle we can find a ' small warm temperatured area (red)', which stands for the 'eye-wall'.
    The second and in my opinion the most important point are the wind directions, which shows us a really good circle rotation, like this prepared image as an example:

    Wind directions

    Because of this circle rotation we could classify this storm as an #eye-storm.
    Most of the #eye-storms has a (light-) blue eye-wall, thats right, but eye-storms can also be weaker in their intensities than other storms. = )


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    Welcome tpatch. In a shear storm, the gray swirls will suggest a center that is separated from the main area of thunderstorm activity (colors). In this case, the center is completely surrounded by the colors (they look like "warm" clouds but are in fact colder than the surroundings). A definitive eye is evident, so yes, this would be a weak #eye-storm. Please do not hesitate to post more questions as you classify. -Chris