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false eye

  • csummers1 by csummers1

    is this a false eye? I cb'd this one.


  • bretarn by bretarn translator

    I think you're right


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Hi csummers1,

    for this image, I agree with your statement, this could be a #false-eye.
    A real #storm-eye must have the following features for example:

    • cold circular clouds form an #eye-wall around an eye
    • well-organized storm structure
    • circular wind routes/directions around a real eye

    For this image, the first and second point are not given here.
    This storm image doesn't have a blue circular eye-wall, also the structure isn't well organized, because of the different blue/dark-blue round areas in the North-East and in the South of the storm-center.

    So personally I come to the conclusion, this image shows us a #false-eye.
    In this case, the following CycloneCenter blog article is a very helpfull tool by analyzing a false-eye in the future:

    BlogArticle: How do I classify this false eyes?

    Annotation to the image:
    "Only warm-coloured area, but no cold circular blue eye-wall":(34x37@272,257)


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    Well said Struck. Is "cb'd" the new way to indicate "curved banded"? 😃