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Did I undertsand the explanations?

  • rosette by rosette

    I should like to verify if I am working the righy way. What do other people tell about this storm?

    I marked it as a shear storm, but am far from sure about the location of its center ...


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Hi rosette,

    thank you for your question.

    Personally I would like to tend to an #embedded-center storm, because of the round formation and the tall blue storm-center in the center of this storm-picture.
    Also this storm-picture has a clockwise-rotation by following the wind-routes.

    Additional to that I have created a modified storm-picture with possible wind-routes for this storm to determine the storm-center:

    enter image description here

    Because of this possible wind-routes I would set the storm-center near to the white storm-area.


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator


    the flat right hand edge to the cold top clouds certainly suggests a strong degree of NE->SW shear is being experienced. Whether to classify as shear or embedded center is an interesting question. I would have probably just have leaned to embedded center over shear today. Tomorrow I may have tended to shear instead. Its very far from cut and dried. That is one reason why having multiple classifications of an image can really help. It helps us to better understand which storms and periods are more / less certain.