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What kind of storm is this?

  • Quia by Quia

    If we were on Galaxy Zoo I'd call this an elusive three armed spiral, but that doesn't seem to be an option here! What do you call a messy storm like this?


  • fezzik by fezzik

    Hi Quia
    Thanks for asking. Based on the appearance, I would guess some type of curved band, by ruling out the others:

    • Not an eye (no warm spots have really circular cold clouds)

    • Not embedded center since the coldest cloud area isn't too large.

    • Could be shear, but that is usually some really cold clouds with a tight wam to cold gradient on one side (that is, a blue to yellow). Don't see that here.

    • I wouldn't select "Other" since we have a system, it isn't on the limb and is definitely not post tropical.

    • So that leaves curved band. how much? Your call. If you focus on the colder cloud in the center, the main arm seems to be to the North (top of image). Kind of an upside down comma or quotation mark.

    Hope this helps-


  • Quia by Quia

    Thanks for going through your classification process Fezzik, it helps a lot!