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  • Lallyroo by Lallyroo

    Can anyone help with some pointers for this storm? I can't see a spiral pattern but there's a roundish area of cold clouds in the centre of the image. I've watched the You Tube videos several times and checked the Guide but I'm not sure about a match for this one. Newbie but very interested storm watcher!


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    Hi Lallyroo,

    Welcome. This one is probably very early in the storm's life so there is very little structure - its starting to organize. But, as you say there isn't much curvature. For me, this would be a toss-up between classifying as #no-storm or a weak #curved-band. On balance I would classify as a weak #curved-band (either first or second of the 5 strength options). The only hint of curvature is the little hook of yellow cloud and blob of blue dead centre. I would estimate the centre to be in that vicinity but it would be hard to pinpoint exactly where. The main band to my eye would be the stream of clouds to west of centre which are continuously the burnt orange colour but could argue yellow N to S. Either way its the least curved band of the options. So, I'd classify ...
    curved band
    weakest / second weakest
    burnt orange colour band and the shortest stub band

    Hope that helps.