Cyclone Center Talk


  • louisa90 by louisa90

    How would you describe the hook like feature of this storm? And do you think it is an eye storm because there seem to be lots of tiny tiny eyes scattered around the center of the storm! any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    I think the tiny eyes are some weird pattern interference on the imagery here (note also the four black lines which indicate some imagery data issues). This is likely an embedded storm. Very cold high clouds in middle. There is a strong outflow of cold clouds (the marked hook). This storm was probably about to get very strong very quickly. You can check that by looking at the whole storm history.


  • Knappster by Knappster scientist

    This is a great embedded center with classic banding. Very picture-esque!!

    There is lots of noise in the image. Peter is right about the black lines being bad data that was flagged. Also, the many red dots (I wouldn't use the term "eye" for those) are noise in the image.

    Good question and a classic image!