Cyclone Center Talk


  • bisexualmao by bisexualmao

    I said embedded cyclone due to the center being so cold and starting to seem to form an eye, but what does anyone else think?


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    This one is really tough. The 'eye' is a false-eye. But there are elements that could be seen as shear, embedded or curved-band. The 'clover-leaf' from the blue circular blob and left (west) could support shear, but there is a lot or cloud still to right (East) so I'd rule out shear too. That woud leave embedded and curved-band. I could be rgued for either of these with center under / near the circular dark blue blob. I'd probably lean ever so slightly curved-band. But its a pick of a really challenging image here.


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    I would probably lean toward curved band as well, with the center located approximately under the circular dark blue circle near the center of the image. But you could certainly argue embedded Center as well and I wouldn’t object. Either way you are probably looking at a 40-50 kt system.