Cyclone Center Talk


  • Sharoncats by Sharoncats

    Does someone track us the first couple storms to confirm we are on target


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    Hi Sharoncats, no, but if you post some examples you want help with we can provide advice. For this one I would classify it as a weak curved-band and place the center at the bottom hook and give a half crescent band mainly bright orange as the banding. It could equally be the weakest embedded-center storm centered as the largest dark blue blob. I'd go curved but could be argued round. Early in storm lifecycle images are tough as the thing gets organized but so long as you are tending to weakest categories of shear / curved / embedded for these they'll all come out with similar intensities. And the range of responses helps us get at the uncertainty which is a massive strength of the whole approach. Many eyes bring many insights. Although there are obvious wrong answers (this isn't a strong eye storm) there are in very many cases several plausible classifications and its useful to know when this is or is not the case.

    Bottom line is that we know folks do great so please don't be put off, and do keep classifying because your clicks count!