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Could be "no storm" or "sheared"

  • Jeff_Duda by Jeff_Duda

    I chose "no storm" for this, but I could've chosen "sheared" also. There are some hints of curvature in the warmest clouds in the lower left part of the image. However, without some context like an animation or other data/information, it's just not possible to know for sure.


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    Hi Jeff_Duda, its weak or no storm for sure. I'd have gone for either no storm or very weakest curved-band (I would likely have been minded given the curvature to go for that with an orange band of the shortest length and placing centre just above the S end of the banding). Any of the options you or I would have chosen would have resulted in something substantively below tropical storm strength so any of them would be reasonable and none of them would be 'incorrect'. You're doing great ... keep classifying!