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Please help

  • Scarl3tt by Scarl3tt

    Somebody can explain me this photo?


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    Hi Scarl3tt

    Short explanation: Its a messy early stage (I assume) in the storm.

    Longer explanation:
    There appear to be bursts of convection (yellows and blues) but they lack obvious organisation at this point. There is some evidence of anti-clockwise rotation in some of the clouds suggesting at least low level rotation. The centre these are all rotating around would be hard to pinpoint (if indeed there is a single centre). I'd say possibly centre 2/3 of way down. In terms of classifying this is either a very weak #curved-band or a #no-storm (owing to its lack of organisation). The final intensity won't differ much regardless of which you chose.

    Does this help at all?