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[Suggestion] Irene (2011), Sandy and Haiyan

  • TheEpicPrimius123 by TheEpicPrimius123

    Really want 'em ^^


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    Certainly looking at some more recent storms would be nice. The issue with really really recent storms is that there is the potential to add confusion to the general public. Also, the forecasting centers generally perform a post-season reanalysis when we get the fixes and their best intensity estimates. So, we will always be somewhat delayed mode.


  • Sasha_May by Sasha_May

    There will be those you ?

    1979 Tip , 1983 Foresst , 1988 Gilbert , 1991 Yuri , 1992 Gay , 1998 Zeb , 2010 Megi , 2013 Haiyan


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    Any storm from 1978-2009 is in there. If we finish all of those, then perhaps we can add in some of the more recent storms like Haiyan.