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Usability of the new design

  • Stephen_Morley by Stephen_Morley

    The new design is much more attractive, but I have a couple of usability concerns:

    1. When categorising a storm, it's not obvious that you can scroll down for guidance — there's a lot of padding at the bottom of the dark grey section of the page, and if your browser window is tall enough to see that space but not tall enough to see the orange bar below it (a viewport size of about 720-900 pixels) then it's natural to assume that the space is just the bottom of the page. The Guide button is too subtle to counteract this effect. One possible way around this is that when making a choice there could be a final ? button — for example Eye, Embedded, Curved, Shear, Other, ? — which scrolls down to the guidance (with a smooth animated scroll so that it's obvious you're still on the same page).

    2. When choosing a cyclone type, the images for the sub-types are very small. I see the files themselves are actually 300 pixels wide, and there's space on the bar to show them a little larger — you can increase the width of the images and buttons from 100 pixels to 120 pixels in the stylesheet without needing to change anything else.


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    Stephen, thanks for your comments. I will make sure the developers receive them. - Chris


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Thank you for your feedback, Stephen! I'm glad that you like the look of the new site!

    @cch001, please let me know if you have any difficulty getting these concerns resolved with the developers. Happy to help!