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Global . . . What!?

  • Savior_of_world1 by Savior_of_world1

    I don't know which sides you guys are on, but if the storms are getting more powerful, then that's proof that global warming exists, doesn't it?


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    Global warming is unequivocal as the IPCC have stated. But then there are interesting questions around how this change is being manifested. We'd like to know how its impacting tropical cyclones. Sadly, the current observational records contain data artefacts that arise from changes through time and across Ocean basins in how they have been analysed. This project is aiming to make use of volunteers to provide a new consistently produced analysis which may enable us to better answer questions about the long-term changes in behaviour. This shall complement existing products. We've already shown in analysis of early results that volunteers like you show real skill in two peer-reviewed papers. Now we need enough pairs of eyes to complete the task. Everyone doing a little shall go a long way.