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Geographical analysis of eye-storms

  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    I wish everybody a beautiful thursday,

    in the last few days, I decided to do an analysis of #eye-storms.
    Personally I was very interested in a geographical analysis of #eye-storms, to determine the main locations of these storm-types.

    At first, I focused on #eye-storms, because their special development and their force/power of wind-speed are very strong.
    Also this storm-type makes a lots of damages and they are a high risk factor for our civilizations.

    In the following analysis, which includes the start/beginning point and the maximum-point of wind-speed of every #eye-storms, you can see and determine the main regions, where these storms arise and grow up to their maximum.

    The analysis was created with the 'Google Maps Engine'.

    I think, it could be very interesting and helpful to see these locations, so I would like to publish my results from my analysis.
    Perhaps it could be a helpful tool to create possible solutions for reducing the power of eye-storms and to optimize the forecast-system.

    Link / URL: Geographical Analysis of eye-storms

    Maybe a few #eye-storms are not included in my analysis. If so, feel free to send me a message. 😉

    Have a nice day.


  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    Very nice Struck! What data did you use to plot your eye storms? -Chris


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Thank you for your reply Chris. 😉

    Mainly I use the data of classified storms here by using the search engine from CycloneCenter.
    In a second part I made a comparison between wind speed, dates and the data of IBTraCS for geographical points to get an overview about special location points.

    In my first version I think, this analysis gives a good overview about mainly locations of storm developments.


  • tanmay.devi by tanmay.devi

    Very Interesting read. Thanks for sharing