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white in center of storm

  • scottishgael by scottishgael

    I'm new at this, and see some dark blue circular centers but without an eye; instead the center is white. Is this the beginning of an eye formation or what, how do you classify this?


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Hi scottishgael and welcome to CycloneCenter. 😉

    At the moment I think about your description, that these blue circular centers without an eye are #embedded-center storms.

    The white center in these #embedded-centers signalizes, that the temperature in this white area is colder than -85 °C.
    Features of an #eye-storms could be a warm temperatured circular area, which has a blue, cold temperatured #eye-wall around the storm-center.

    Additionally to your question I have found this blog article from the science-team:

    Cyclone Center Images

    I hope, I could help you.
    We are looking forward to your storm classifications. = )