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How do you view how many images you've classified?

  • WIDEnet by WIDEnet

    See title. I'd like to keep track, to get a rough idea of where I was in a month etc. Thanks!

    C. A. M. Gerlach


  • fezzik by fezzik

    Good question! When you are logged into, select “Profile” from the menu at the top of the screen. That should take you to a page that shows you your recent storms (with an option for your favorites). To know how many classifications you have made, multiply the number of images on the current page by the number of pages (at the bottom, you’ll see a list of numbers allowing you to see all the storms you have ever classified).

    For instance, my profile page shows 12 images and there are 78 pages in my history, which is 12*78=936 images. This will be accurate to within a few storms. Thanks for asking and for classifying.