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  • JBHipple by JBHipple

    I love the idea of this website, but I'm having some issues. I'm the kind of person that learns by example, so I'm having a bit of issue using personal precedence to identify some storms. Is there somewhere I can go to look at some storms that have been classified and somewhat verified that I can study and use to compare to the storms I am attempting to classify here?


  • peterthorne by peterthorne moderator

    JBHipple, welcome. There are some tutorials alongside most images to try to help out. Beyond that there are quite a number of discussions on these boards which may help. And there is always using these message boards. What I would suggest is that you post links to the storm images you are not sure about asking what you want help with. Several members of the science team and the mods regularly check back here so we can provide advice and support. It may look quiet but we do check and will help if you post some of the images you are classifying with questions.

    But one key take home, if you look at the boards, is that very often there is not an obvious 'right' answer. Quite a number of the images could be classified different ways by different experienced volunteers and even experts. Your classifications are hugely valuable. Please let us know if we can help out on some specific examples.



  • cch001 by cch001 scientist

    JBHipple, in addition to Peter's good advice, you are welcome to send me some images personally with your questions and I'd be happy to provide you with feedback. Just message me here and we can exchange emails. But like Peter said, it may be better just to post your questionable storms on the Talk page so that others can chime in (and see what we have to think about them). Thanks for being a part of the project! -Chris (cch001)