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Storm at edge of image

  • jojojlj by jojojlj

    For this one:, there's a storm in the upper right but I can't really see enough of it to classify. I'd have to say "no storm" for the rest of the image. I've come across this kind of thing before; what do you think it should be classified as?


  • Struck by Struck moderator, translator

    Hi jojojlj and welcome to the CycloneCenter Talk Board. : - ) I agree with your point of view, that these cases are difficult to determine.

    I think you made the right choice with #no-storm.

    You said it, that we can find in the NE of the picture a storm-structure, which could be an #embedded-center.

    But because of the edge, the upper right storm-structure is not very clear to determine.

    So if a picture has not clear storm-structures or no dominant features, #no-storm should be right.
    Personally I would like to tend to the same classification-option like you.