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  • Subject ACC0001c2h

    I would say eye. There are some pink pixels in the middle with a pretty clear gradient up to the blue.

  • Subject ACC0005w00

    Young storms are always the toughest. My first instinct is #curved-band with minimal curvature, but you could probably do it either way 😃

  • Subject ACC00018r0

    Oh wow, yes it does. I suppose this storm started out around Polaris somewhere.

  • Subject ACC0005q7d

    IBTrACS is basically the current standard, call the "best track". It's the closest thing to a consensus among agencies that we've got.

  • Subject ACC0005trw

    I can't say here w/o looking at data, but we HAVE seen some miscalibrations in the satellite, so #artifact is also a possibility.

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